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Rupert Watches Lilly

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I´ve explained often why and how I entered in this world in my page: I’m a HP fanartist.
Since then, I´ve been amazed about how far away I can go in the internet, without leaving my own room which is my own Burrow :D.
I´ve been thrilled about how my work (which is made in a very traditional way) can take a turn around the world by only a “single-click".
This project was created and elaborated to show you how much close we all are in this moment, in spite of our physical distance.
Other purpose of this project is to notice that we all are humans and have the same feelings, wishes, worries even being under millions of eyes.

Rupert was chosen for being a constant in my work because his performance as Ron Weasley in HP movies, being his character my favorite from JK Rowling Universe.
Naturally, as a big fan of his work and also of his nice personality, I’m curious about if he ever seen my work in Internet. My drawings are posted in many sites like LJ´s communities, in my friends´s journals as banners, headers, icons or bookmarks and also in sites like The Leaky Cauldron and Potterish.
Any help from you for I can make my dream coming true would be very welcome.
the objectives of this project are

♦ To create ways to make Rupert Grint getting access to my drawings.
♦ To create ways to make him gives an answer to me (if the first step was well successful). I won’t accept a typed letter as his fans usual received from Warner Brothers or even actor’s agents.
♦ I only accept a handwriting letter written by him or his answer said by his own voice “Yes! Rupert watches Lilly”.

If all this happen, I will keep making my drawings being happier. So I need all help from my friends and his fans! Just look at this entire and great plan that you can be in.

A great play between all of us to see how close we are! Between a normal young man and the people who admires his work.

And of course I won’t deny that I want to know if he likes the image and situations I create for Ron Weasley!
lilly's work

You can see most of Lilly's works in the sidebar of this community and also in others sites galleries.
Galleries : 1 2 3 4


We´d love to get some support from all of you. Here you can find banners to put in your website, LJ page or profile or anywhere else you want. Please let us know if you put a banner in your page.
♦ All drawings available in the gallery are made by lillywmw. If you want to use any of them please ask her first.
♦ Banners, header and layout profile made by lelymarques
♦ Texts made by spidergirl30
♦ Original layout made by refuted

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